Vulnerability: Superpower or Kryptonite?

Keywords: vulnerability, authenticity, career, employment, positivity, adventures Next adventure I definitely fall into the ‘portfolio career’ category, however, my previous roles have been in relation to veterinary practice, research and education. Earlier this summer I took on a temporary role as a Recruitment Administrator. Some of my friends were a bit baffled by this but… Continue reading Vulnerability: Superpower or Kryptonite?

Follow the Leader?

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The Guardiola Effect

I’ve grown up as a Manchester City fan and can remember watching my first match as a teenager at Maine Road with my dad. Back then I didn’t appreciate the importance of the role of a manager within a football club.

Heaped Spoonfuls of Adversity Can Make the Resilience Go Down

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The resilience family tree

In my March blog post I wrote about resilience and how it’s a buzz word within the veterinary profession and by some, has been deemed the way to improve retention of vets and nurses in practice by selecting more resilient students and providing resilience training during their studies. How is resilience measured? I think there’s a tendency to think that the most resilient people are more likely to keep trudging on through exhaustion, illness and unhappiness.

It’s a Saucy One!

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I guess a more accurate title for this post would have been, “It’s a Sourcey One” but having a word that doesn’t exist in the title of the blog didn’t sit well with me. Apologies for misleading you but potentially being misled is one of the topics in this blog.

The Three Rs: Review, Reflection and Rumination

Keywords: reflection, perfectionism, compassion, competition, mental health

The time of year for reflection

How are you getting on with your New Year Resolutions? Are you trying something new? Do you think you’ve made a positive change to your lifestyle or is it too early to say?

“You don’t make mistakes, mistakes make you” is a quote from a film I watched over the festive period called The Last Word and it really stuck in my mind.